Reward Points

SnapSac points are one way that we reward our customers for visiting our site and engaging in activities we offer.   By participating, you can win points that you can redeem for free products or put toward product purchases. 

Here’s how it works:

Earn points by:

  • Buying our totes
  • 15 points for liking our site on Facebook
  • 20 points for  sending a Facebook message
  • 35 for posting a product review
  • 25 signing up for our newsletter
  • 30 points for completing a one-minute survey, available every few weeks via our newsletter.
  • Get Double Points for our sale items
  • Get 50 extra points when you spend $50 or more!

50 points equal $1. 

  • So you can get a free tote for just 200 points. 
  • Redemption is easy at the check out page.

Log in or register to be eligile to earn points. You will see MY REWARD POINTS on the menu.

Other rules:

  • You must make an account at SnapSac and log in to use or activate your points
  • Points do not apply toward shipping
  • You can control the number of points you want to use at check out.
  • Unused points expire in one year.

Look for our SnapSac Points Icon  symbol to mark the number of points for different items on our site.

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